Past Workshops

Make Writing a Habit

What stops you from writing regularly? Maybe you need a little traction. Maybe a nudge, a deadline, or camaraderie with writing friends. This workshop will help you establish a writing a habit.

You'll launch the habit with four hours on a Sunday afternoon. We'll explore why you want to write, what keeps you from starting, and what distracts you from continuing. You'll set intentions for your writing practice. You’ll learn a dozen techniques for creating and keeping a writing practice. 

Then, for the next four weeks, you’ll receive daily email reminders, questions to consider, encouragement, and inspiration. Online,you’ll share ideas and challenges with other workshop participants. By the end of the workshop you’ll have a writing habit that nourishes and sustains you—not to mention, fills pages.

For writers working at any level and in any genre.

To register or learn more, contact me at

True Enough: Turning Life Into Stories

A writing workshop for those crafting memoirs, short stories, novels, or as-yet-undefined works of genius

I believe that everyone can write and everyone who writes can make his or her work shine. Creative writing doesn't depend on divine intervention or benevolent Muses. It’s a matter intention and practice—plus plenty of uninhibited messing around on the page.

In this workshop you'll be prompted to write a little bit every day. When we meet on Thursdays we'll discuss an aspect of storytelling and take inspiration from the world's greatest authors. Then we'll write some more. With abandon. By the end of the eight-week period you'll have generated at least 100 pages of material, and I'm guessing that some of it will surprise you. You’ll also leave with a toolkit of strategies for shaping and refining your drafts.

No judgement, no requirement to share your work, no previous experience necessary. Beginners and experienced writers alike are welcome.

Previous participants have called this workshop "life-changing."